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About Me

Welcome to Photography by Karen Johnson!


I love what I do!


"Being a photogapher is not a job to me. Photography is my passion,

and I love to share my passion of photography with others. I am always happy to help preserve someone's story."

-Karen Johnson


I am an outdoor, natural light photographer. I specialize in children's, teen, and family portraiture. I work with various local charities throughout the year and I photograph special events upon request.


I love working with children and teens because each child/young adult shows exactly who he or she is in every photograph. Each image taken reflects a personality that is amazing, true, and unique. Children are precious gifts from God. I love capturing and preserving those simple moments of childhood so they can be cherished for generations to come.


Working with families is something I really enjoy. I love learning about each family I photograph, and it is wonderful to see such strong relationships. Photographing a family is important to me because everyone is together and the photographs that result from that will be priceless.


I enjoy working with local groups, organizations, and charities, as raising money for good is incredibly important. I volunteer my time with these charities and cannot thank them enough for having me be their photographer.


Upon request, I will photograph "special events." This includes but is not limited to children's birthday parties, engagement parties/rehearsals, luncheons, church events, school events, military events, dances, etc. I also photograph engaged couples, school groups, and proms. Please contact me directly for more information on any of these special events.


Thank you for visiting my website.

I look forward to working with you!

Karen <><